A Red Sox countdown

4 errors
3 stolen bases allowed
2 wild pitches
1 passed ball

April 24  ♥  25 notes

How do you feel about the Yankee pitchers having illegal substances on them during the games, especially since this is the second time it's happened?

In general I don’t think it’s that big of a deal if they’re using it just for grip. It’s only a problem if it’s manipulating the pitch. But I was pretty annoyed last night simply because Pineda didn’t even try to hide it; it’s an unwritten rule that it’s fine as long as it’s not blatant, so when it was smeared all over his neck, the Sox needed to say something. And bonus: I feel like it’s added some needed fuel to the rivalry. It had been kind of dull for a few years but now with this & Ellsbury, it seems like it’s getting pretty intense again.

April 24  ♥  16 notes

More like Michael Pinetarda amirite?

April 23  ♥  25 notes