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Anon who was asking about tips for Toronto!!

@daysofuturepast said: to the first anon, i’m from toronto and i know a couple tips that might help!

Go ask Anna for help! She’s surely more helpful than I am. 

Anon 1: Yay for your first game!! I don’t have much experience with getting autographs, but batting practice is a good idea if you can get in the front row. Also you could try waiting around before (like really early) or after the game if you know where they enter/leave the stadium.

elizabethblairxo: I haven’t seen any gifs of it, I’m sorry. You could try searching around in the Steve Carrell tag. Hope you can find something!

errantventures: The homer was amazing!! I can’t help but wonder how ridiculous it would look if there were no monster seats and just the net!

Anon 2: Sure, Boston blogs are all bound to be great! Here’s a link for anyone that wants to follow!